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  1. The Garden route, Baviaanskloof and the Transkei

    After charging the battery for a day, we could finally hit the road! We checked out from the Fritz hotel and drove the beautiful coastal…

  2. Hit the road Jack!

    We have been in Cape Town for over a week now and starting to feel like being residents at the homely ‘’The Fritz Hotel’’. The…

  3. Opposite Lock World Travel Team

    We are happy to announce that Opposite Lock 4WD & Vehicle accessories decided to sponsor us while we continue our trip. Our vehicle will be…

  4. Victorian 4WD show

    It will be a busy weekend for us and our Landrover as we will both attend the Holland Festival on February 20th as well as…

  5. Holland Festival 2010 Melbourne

    On the 20th of February 2010 there will be an other edition of the Holland Festival in Melbourne. We will be there and so will…

  6. 42.356 km from home

    It has been already 3 months since we reached Perth. From there we drove all the way to Melbourne, where we are at the moment.

    The last time we wrote we had a breakdown and … (click read more button below article to continue reading)

  7. Job(s) wanted!

    After 42.356 km in our Landrover, the both of us are still looking for a job here in Melbourne! Any kind of job! (well almost…)…

  8. Looking for… room/appartment!

    We have been travelling for the past 16 months and clocked 40.000 km’s in our Landy. Great fun, but we need to settle down for…

  9. Some more (brake) troubles

    After the weekend we continued our trip and end up at Dunsborough, a lovely place. Here we went ‘whale watching’ and met Juliete and Jeff – Be Around the World - who are traveling overland from Belgium. That night we camped together and had a nice evening sharing travel stories.

    The next morning we noticed brake fluid leaking, so we decided to head back to Bunbury to get it fixed.
    It turns out that we need a special caliper channel seal, which is normally only used in army vehicles. Untill now we weren’t able to track the seal down… If we can’t find it we have to work around it by trying to fit an imitation seal.

    Peter Williams, a Landrover club member owning Opposite Lock, was so friendly to invite us to stay at his place, so we are waiting here until we can move on. We left Dunja in Dunsborough, so hopefully we can pick her up anytime soon!






  10. Christmas party with LROCWA

    After sorting everything out for the car (vehicle inspection, mounting the awning and checking the brakes) we where ready to join the members at the Pinjarra park country camping in Pinjarra. We travelled down on a Friday and so did most of the members. After setting up camp (it was the first time ever to camp the three of us, with Don’s sister Dunja) we good start cooking and enjoy the company. On the Saturday we played some games (ending in a huge water fight, GO Brad) and had a nice meal all together. Even Santa came to bring us a visit, driven in om the bonnet of a 130! On the Sunday we had a great drive around the area and a rewarding swim in one of the nearby lakes.

    Back at the campsite to pack up the car, we weren’t able to start. Together with William we found out there was a blockage in the diesel supply. After cleaning out the main hose we were able to continue our journey. That night we camped together with Jenni who joined us at a very loud campsite. The train came by every hour blowing its horn just 200 meter away. Good tip Will ;-)