About us

How we met each other?

We go way back. We met at uni (NHTV – Nationale Hogeschool voor Toerisme & Verkeer) in 1997 where Don studied Tourism and Jennifer Leisure management. We both ended up living in the same dorm (studentenhuis) and thats where it all started…

One of our first trips together was to Egypt. We really enjoy travelling and tried to pack as much experiences in those (relatively) short holiday as possible and often came back more tired then before we left! A longer trip was inevitable and things have never been the same ever since.

Jennifer (1979)

Jenn grew up in a Bunschoten Spakenburg. A small (from origin) fisherman’s village in the middle of The Netherlands. After her studies stayed worked with several companies withing the entertainment industry. In 2005 she started working for Q-Dance / ID-T and have been working with this company (on and off) for the past 8 years.

She loves organising and making people happy along the way. She finds it hard to have nothing on her hands and her mission is to see as much of the world as possible. Besides travelling and meeting people she likes movies and cooking.

Don (1979)

Born in Amsterdam, but raised in Baarn. Not far away from Bunschoten! From age 15 he has been spending the summer holidays working abroad. Experiences that made him curious to the unknown. After his studies Don soon went to work within online marketing. After some jobs he started his own company building websites and helping companies to be aware of their web presentation and helping them to earn money online. Something he is still doing today with Webshifters.

Besides the new hobby at the time (the Landrover) Don likes to spend as much time on the water, meeting up with friends or driving motorbikes.