Back home – Road trip completed! Posted augustus 15, 2011 by Administrator


After staying for a week with Seyhun in Istanbul it was time to move on. Funny enough the last bit always seems to be the hardest part. Not the challenges on the road, but just getting a move on.  We decided to drive through Eastern Europe crossing Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. It became cloudy as soon as we got into Bulgaria, we saw people walking with their dogs again, tourists with their campervans, bicycle lanes, familiar supermarkets and other chains, proper and clean campsites and so on. We drove through Europe with mixed feelings; happy and enthusiastic to see our relatives and friends again, but also sad since our road trip was coming to an end.


It was time to come home now, although we don’t really know what ‘home’ is anymore. Our Landrover was our home for the past 3 years, we have travelled through 3 continents,  29 countries, met so many great and interesting people and have made many new friends along the way, drove 90.000 kilometers, had good and bad times, but this trip was the best thing we ever did. And hopefully more adventures will follow…

We would like to thank the people who invited us to their homes, our fellow travelers we met along the way, the people who helped us on the road, but also the people who were reading our blogs and especially the people back home who were supporting us!