Hit the road Jack! Posted december 23, 2010 by Administrator


We have been in Cape Town for over a week now and starting to feel like being residents at the homely ‘’The Fritz Hotel’’. The owner is a very friendly, helpful man and so is his staff.

The first few days we spent with Paul, Quita and their charming baby Jaeger who we met through Couchsurfing. We have been to Waterfront, drove over to Camps Bay, went for a braai (=BBQ) with their family,  visited the Slave Lodge,  feeding the Squirrels in Company’s Garden and even climbed the Table Mountain, the hard way via ‘The India Venster Route’!

We just LOVE Cape Town. It’s an amazing city with a great vibe, nice people, good food, vintage stores, colorful buildings, tasty wines and so on. We know this is ‘The easy part of Africa’ and we will have to get back to basic as soon as we board our Landrover.

On Wednesday the 22nd  we finally collected our Landy! The vessel arrived one week later than scheduled and when it arrived in Cape Town the weekend just started.

While standing in line to debit the payment into the agents account, the fire alarm went off.  Leaving us on the streets, to find another bank branch.  After we finally arranged the payment we  rushed directly  to the depot. The container wasn’t released yet and they decided the workday was about to end, so they actually told us to come back the following day.

After giving our ‘sad-look’ and explaining the whole situation they agreed to release the container before close of business.
Together with the custom officer Don was allowed to go onto the wharf to drive out the car. The Landy was in good shape, the only problem was the flat battery. We managed to get the car going for a while, but the drive wasn’t enough to actually restore its staring power.
We decided to stay another night, have the battery checked  and hopefully we can hit the road just before Christmas!

The plan is to drive the Garden Route (along the coast) after we have been to the Peninsula to Cape Point. Then from Port Elizabeth up to Lesotho and then….well… we’ll see. First we wonder where we will be with Christmas time and where we will be celebrating New Years Eve!

To all of you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!